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Application: Envisioning a Toddler Classroom Alive with Learning  You have been learning about the foundational ideas and principles related to developmentally appropriate physical environments in toddler settings. For this Application, you will develop your vision of how an ideal toddler setting might look and feel.  Before you begin, think about the following: •What toddlers are like developmentally, what they do, and what they need •Environmental factors that foster toddlers’ •relationships •independence •movement identity play and learning  •Additional components of quality physical environments  Part 1: Visualize  Close your eyes. Visualize a toddler setting that truly encourages, supports, and guides children’s play and learning. Let your mind travel around the room. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How does it sound? What are the adults in the room doing? What are the children doing? How are they interacting with each other, the materials, and the space? What kind of learning experiences are they involved in? What opportunities do children have to demonstrate their independence and individual identities? How does the environment support movement, physical development, and safe risk taking? How does the environment foster the development of relationships? If a visitor walked in, how would he or she describe the culture, energy, care, and learning in this setting?  Part 2: Brainstorm  Inspired by what you envisioned above, write down at least 20 words or phrases that describe a quality physical environment—one that meets toddlers’ needs and interests; fosters relationships, independence, and identity; supports movement, play, and safe risk taking; and is alive with play and learning.  Part 3: Describe  Now that you have taken time to visualize and brainstorm your ideas, write your description of a quality physical environment. Be sure to address the following areas: •Classroom arrangement and activity/learning areas •Classroom atmosphere •Accessible materials •Types of interactions  Note: Be sure to cite the Learning Resources to substantiate your thinking.  Part 4: Submittal Options  Should you elect to add an illustration of the physical environment to your written Environment Description, consider the following options: •Freehand illustration of physical environment scanned and inserted into Word document and submitted with your written description •Electronic illustration of physical environment created through PowerPoint® or free (trial) technologies like Inspiration®, created and uploaded, as a separate file, along with your written assignment  For this assignment, submit your Environment Description.  Assignment length: 2 pages

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