write a research paper that argues the point “Hmong and Western Medicine” related to the book “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”

Hmong and Western MedicineYou will write a research paper that argues the point “Hmong and Western Medicine” related to the book “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”Requirements: You are expected to develop an argument that educates and engages your audience far beyond class discussions and the information Fadmian provides in her text (I do not want a paper that merely summarizes the various arguments in the book. In fact, your paper does not have to refer to the book at all)
You need to support your argument very heavily with outside research. Use the kinds of reliable sources that we learned about in class and in the online library workshops.
In your essay, make sure that your thesis statement is clear and makes and argument about your topic. Make sure each paragraph has topic sentences that support the thesis. Make sure that you give plenty of evidence, examples, research, quotations, summary and paraphrase to support all of your ideas. You may also use one instance of personal experience if it is relevant.
Also, include at least one paragraph that contains a counterargument. what would someone arguing against you say? What would their strongest argument be? Attack that argument.
You will need to complete a Works Cited page for this essay. Make sure you have formatted it correctly. Use the MLA section of Rules for Writes, and go to the writing lab or see me for help.
Make sure you include all related homework assignments, such as an outline, annotated bibliographies, roughd raft, peer editing sheets, etc.
Succesful essays have:– An intriguing introduction that contains the author’s thesis and gets the reader’s attention– Clear topic sentences which explain what their coresponding paragraphs will prove– Evidence which supports the thesis statement (and mostly comes from outside research)– Grammar which does not interfere with meaning– A conclusion which answers the questions, “So what? Why should we read this paper? Why is this topic important?”– A title– MLA style documentation– No fragments and a variety of sentences structures

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