Can you please comment about or add anything to my answer? The question is: Do you believe that if you use ethical behavior it will pay off in the long run? Why or why not? Explain. My answer: Ethical behavior in the work place is a must! It will definitely pay off in the long run, because if you do not practice it you will not be with the company very long. Practicing good ethical behavior pays off in many different ways. First, you have the peace that you are not only following the company policy, but federal policy as well. Second, you are less stressed; it is less stressful being good than bad. Third, your employee and subordinates may not like you, but I know they will respect you and do what is right around you. Look at all of the dishonest, disgusting individuals in the News Media, Actors, Actresses’, and Politicians that have fallen in the past few months due to either practicing sexual misconduct or not reporting it. The act of commission is just as bad as the act of omission. Either way you find yourself in the unemployment line. Managers do what’s right and Leaders do the right thing, both include the word “right”! Asking yourself if it is the best for your company and would your family be proud of you is a great way to know if it is the right decision.

In addition, the concept of ethics in management has also itself evolved over a period of time such that what is ethical can no longer be determined by your gut feeling, your conscience. Like guilty feelings these intuitions may tell us that something is wrong but not necessarily what is right. So in a way, when you refrain from doing something wrong, you know you shall not be carrying a guilty conscience in long run. So that assurance, is also a pay off. Further, it is to be noted that what is ethical cannot be brought down from a mountain top carved in tablets of stone. Ethical standards, whether formal or informal have changed considerably. We cannot say that Ethical Standards have fallen or that the society has drifted. It is the reverse – – the issue is not just having the standards but living up to them. So if you believe in the ethical benchmark, there shall be a constant challenge to yourself to reach that benchmark and prove your strengths to the society. That is again a way of pay off in the long run. Business corporations of today are much bigger than in the past and the impact of their operations on the society is much larger. In this regard, it only makes sense to be ethical as it has a good potential for thoughtless actions as its long term consequences.
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