“ Dear Hiring Manager

“ Dear Hiring Manager

Do All

1.Draft two emails (include to and cc field and subject lines in each–see below). Submit them together in a single document (.docx or .pdf).  DO NOT email me.  Put these in a word document and upload into Canvas.

In your first email (first page of the document you upload), respond to the following situation:

You have an upcoming due date for a major assignment that you know you will not be able to meet because of concerns related to either school, work, or personal issues (or a combination of these).  You know that the instructor’s late work policy reflects no late work is accepted unless students email them ahead of the due date to explain the situation and request an extension.

In your second email (second page of the document you upload), respond to the following situation:

You work in a jewelry store as a front line salesperson. Your supervisor has forwarded you the following email from an upset customer and asked you to respond (your name would be anywhere you see NAME).  The warranty covers replacement in terms of irreparable breaks and scratches that happen in the course of normal wear and tear, but it does not cover replacement of water-resistant watches that are submerged underwater for extended periods of time.

Dear Jordan,

I was so excited to have the money finally saved up to purchase a new watch when I visited your store three months ago.  NAME listened to what I wanted and found me what I thought was the perfect watch – low-maintenance and beautiful. 

However, as I’ve gone about my regular activities, the watch has become scratched, and one of the links has broken twice.  With each of these situations, I’ve been able to send my watch in to the repair center and had it quickly returned to me good as new. 

Recently, though, my watch stopped working after I had gone for a swim with it on.  The repair center says that it cannot replace it under the warranty.  NAME told me that the warranty I bought would cover replacements.  I feel cheated, and want a refund!

Taylor Miller

2.Résumé and Cover Letter Assignment Your assignment is to find a position and to apply for it with a cover letter and a resume. The assignment has three parts: A. find a job B. write a resume C. write a cover letter Part A: Find a Job Search online and find a position for which you qualify. That way you can write your resume accurately and appropriately using your current education and experience. Look for internships in your field of study as well. You can utilize websites specific to job postings (monster.com, indeed.com, etc.) or go straight to a company website and see what employment opportunities they have available. You MUST provide a copy of the job posting and your completed application before you submit your resume and cover letter. This is how I determine if your resume and cover letter do a good job addressing a specific audience. Once you find a posting, research the company by visiting their website, social media pages, or other relevant sources. Find out what kind of resume they want, if they need specific skills for this position, and any other helpful information. If possible, identify who will be reading the application materials. If this information is not readily available, write the letter to the supervisor of the department that is screening applicants. If that information is not available, you may address the letter to “Dear Hiring Manager.”  

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