Please give your honest opinion on the attached journal article in first person.


Corey, very interesting article. I would like to start off by saying that I do agree with you, I believe teams can learn and accomplish tasks with much more ease compared to an individual attempting to do the same. However, I believe not all teams can achieve the same positive outcome due to personality clashes. For example, if a team is made up of all alpha type personalities then it would be difficult for the team to establish cohesion. Different learning styles can also hinder the team if it is only made up of visual learners when the subject is best taught via the lecture and discussion format which would benefit the auditory learners more than visual learners.

Thus your point about diversifying each group is key to success. Not only will each individual bring a different perspective to the table but will also mutually support one another as their personalities, mannerism, experiences, learning styles, etc will compliment one another.

Journal Article Posting and Summary

Week 14 Journal Article Discussion Board, Chapter 17

Team 2, Corey Lehnertz


Chapter 17 Topic: Team Building


Article Title: Exploring the links between interdependence, team learning and a shared understanding among team members: the case of teachers facing an educational innovation.


Author: Piety Runhaar; Diane ten Brinke; Marinka Kuijpers; Renate Wesselink and Martin Mulder


Source: Human Resource Development International


Date of Publication: Feb 2014


Volume and Issue Numbers: Vol. 17, Issue 1




Teams can be the most important part of an organization. This article and study delves into whether or not a team’s effectiveness can be strengthened by interdependence, team learning and a shared understanding. The study is conducted among 3 teacher teams at vocational education and training (VET) institutions. The topic of the study is competencies while transitioning and/or implementing competence-based education (CBE).


Relation to Chapter:


Chapter 17 covers managing organizational change. In my opinion, one of the best ways to manage organizational change is through organizational development. It is much easier to develop and build teams than it is to build and develop individual. The chapter reading and the article both are concerned with the best way a team can maximize performance, effectiveness and achieving the overall goal. Teams who learn together will have a shared knowledge and a common baseline which will benefit the team as innovation occurs, not just strengthening individuals but the team as a whole.



Critique of the Article:


Although the article and study might seem limited in scope due to the small numbers and it only being in the vocational educational field, I still found it relevant to the importance of team building and most importantly team learning. The issues of technological advances or innovation in any field are going to produce a similar situation regardless of whether they are in the teaching field or not. Individuals working as employees in any field will solve problems differently as individuals then they would in a group as a team. Team building today is important but from my experience teams are comprised of individuals that are sometimes of different skill levels, different roles, different backgrounds, too many differences to list. The basic idea of starting the team building with team learning allows many different things to happen that all are a benefit to an organization. Communicating a common goal is an important aspect of any organization or team. Building your team from the bottom and getting them to learn together regardless of prior experience or roles can help ensure a standard product or process. Some other added benefits are creating the baseline that will alleviate individual work arounds or shortcuts. A team built together will also promote overall team cohesiveness. Again, I can see the small scale of the article but the study does show that the more the teams learned together, the more they understood together and the more they knew what and how to reach the team goal. I believe if more teams were built with team learning and team development as the baseline building blocks it would cut down the time teams spend in the forming, storming, norming and performing stages.




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