Selling Pain to the Saturated

I have attached the case study, the instructions, one in depth report example for you to use a shortened template and my lecture slides so you could use the terminology. Please analyze the case study throughly and follow my instructions precisely. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES BESIDES MY CASE STUDY, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH PLAGIARISM, BECAUSE I WİLL UPLOAD THIS TO TURNITIN PROGRAM.


In depth report, read the assigned research paperand write a report including: Summary of the paper(half a page), Limitations and your critique of the paper(half a page). Your research idea inspired by the paper(one page) what is interesting about the topic, what is missing, what might have been different, how it inspires you for further research(in line with the in depth report outline).


Paper structure

First paragraph: Luxury market is big. Examining luxury brands, therefore, is important. Paper’s focus area: motivations for luxury consumption.

Second paragraph: What previous research has found about the motivations for luxury consumption: boosting self esteem, expressing identity, signaling status and prestige. Paper’s contribution: A new motivation: detering rivalry.

Third paragrah: Details of the structure of the paper. Summary of the paper.


Paper Structure: Literature Review

Main topic: General background information about luxury market, luxury consumption.

Narrower research topic: Motivations for luxury consumption (use consumer behaviour terminology like IV or DV)

Connecting Dots: Relationships and Luxury: signaling wealth to the other party

Paper’s Contribution Area: Luxury signaling: Use of luxury for mate guarding by women


Summary of Findings

Findings showed that activating a motive to guard one’s mate triggered women to seek and display lavish possessions.

Additional studies revealed that women use pricey possessions to signal that their romantic partner is especially devoted to them.

Boundary Condition: When there is a threat!


Research likes details

Boundary Conditions: Is the effect always there? No!

Alternative Explanations: Study 3

When there is a threat, women use luxury possessıons to deter other women: Study 4


Why the pilot study?

Is it sufficient?


Is it possible to do study this topic differently? Which one is it, descriptive, correlational, qualitative? How can we do this research differently?





Flow of the Research Proposal

Identify the research problem

Tell what prior research says about it

Tell what prior research does not say about it

Explain your intended contribution


Thank you for your effort!


APA STYLE, Font 12, times new roman, single space. 2 pages in total.


Add references at the end of the report – no specific style requirements.

Half page: summary of the paper

Half page: limitations

1 page: your research idea supported with findings from prior research.(add reference of the paper that you use in your research idea)

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