St Zip Code Phone

St Zip Code Phone

theres just a lot of reading to see what shes asking from this assignment. but this is what she is asking for. 

Many times, the most effective way to release information-whether academically or professionally– is by writing a letter or an email. This information is intended to help you to write an effective letter or email, also included are some tips on appropriate etiquette. When to Write a Letter or Email Most professional communication occurs via email. Unless specified otherwise, email is likely the best form of initial communication. If you’ve found, however, that email is not getting someone’s attention, or a more formal method of communication is required, writing a letter may be helpful. A letter is often formatted differently than an email, is printed and either hand delivered or sent in the mail. We live in a world of technology backed communication. E-mails, texts, etc. are most of our preferred modes of communication. However, letters still have a major use and importance in our society, especially in professional settings where signatures and documentation may be necessary. Formal letters written to authorities or professional contacts generally stay on record. Let us learn the correct format and language of formal letters. Format for a formal letter: Your Name Street Address City, ST ZIP Code Phone Email Date Recipient Name Title Company Name Street Address City, ST ZIP Code Dear Recipient Name: Introductory paragraph: introduce yourself and your connection to their business/organization, if there is one. Stay positive, and wait to introduce the problem/issue. Use the body paragraphs to state the problem/ issue. Use as many paragraphs as you need. Accurately describe the ways the problem/issue is affecting you and others. List specific examples, and use sources if necessary. Introduce your solution, and tell why you think it is the best option. Recognize the claim of the primary opposition to your solution and explain why that is wrong. One to two sentence ending thanking them for their time, and how you appreciate their assistance. Sincerely, Name

*****Let’s try what you have learned. For this assignment, what is one thing that is a HUGE problem, that you think you have a solution to? Who would be a person who can put your solution to work? This is your letter’s recipient. This is a type of argument essay put to letter form. There is not a length requirement for this assignment as you will be following the paragraph structure used below. For the letter content: The first paragraph should introduce who you are, and why your opinion merits attention. I have provided an example. Yours should provide a little more information, but the example should be enough to get you started. End this paragraph with a warm-fuzzy. Now the recipient is more relaxed because you have acknowledged their importance and your support. Ex. My name is Mary Jones, and I am both a constituent and a registered voter. I am also a member of your security detail, which is how I came to live on Ft. Jupiter for the last eighteen lunar cycles. I have voted for you since I moved to the Crater Colony 7, and I really appreciate all your work protecting the oxygen ports. The second paragraph should introduce your problem. This is a very basic introduction of the problem and should not include how the problem is effecting you, that comes next. Do not be accusatory. Remember, the object is to reach a solution. This means think more honey, less vinegar. Ex. For the last three months, the colonies Nocturnal Ozone Capacitor has been leaking buckeye balls into the water reserves causing the negative ions to intoxicate the spawning fish, who now splash the water top all night attempting to lure in mates. The third paragraph should be about how this is affecting you and why this is important to the recipient. Ex. When I arrived at Ft. Jupiter, I moved to the crater zone because I heard it was a peaceful place. Many homes were sold to colonizers under the guise of being in a quieter area of the colony where the hum of life support was not a constant nuisance. However, the incessant splashing, which sounds very much like clapping, is causing me to have nightmares in which I am being called to a stage to sing, and now I am terrified to sleep. This is important because I am part of your security detail which, as you know, has become more dangerous since the sandacondas have begun their quarterly migration.  Any sleep deprivation members of this detail suffer, creates danger. The next paragraph should be what your solution is. Ex. I understand that the metal housing is failing, and that using the blow torches to seal that housing could explode the entire sky dome making this a very dangerous and expensive fix. However, outside the dome, in the carbon region, there are underground rivers of frozen tar. It would be possible to collect the tar to use as a seal on the failed seams. The next paragraph should say why this person is the one to fix the problem. Ex. Because of your passion with the oxygen ports, it is obvious you understand the fundamental importance of our life support equipment and are able to balance that with maintaining life on Jupiter. I do not think your colleagues have the same capacity of understanding. Plus, as a respected member of the Omega Council, you have a say in what items are brought into the dome from the outside area. Further, you have always taken care of your constituents, and I know now will be no different. The next paragraph should begin the closing. Remember, you are asking for something so even if the person makes your bile bubble, be smooth and in control. Your words have power if you let them.  Ex. I appreciate your help on this issue and thank you so much for your time. The closing is always important. For these types of letters, I like the respectful close. Ex. Respectfully,      Mary Jones      Citizens 968-437

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