Exercise 6.1 Objective: To think about and clarify professional purpose. Instructions: Note: The professional goal must in the healthcare management industry. 1. Write the professional purpose or mission. Practice the purpose principle by writing your responses to the following questions as they relate to your professional purpose: a. What am I trying to accomplish? b. What is the process(es) or activity(ies) involved in the response to a? (Be sure to use an active, not directional, verb.) c. What is the purpose of the response to b? d. What is the purpose of the response to c? e. What is the purpose of the response to d? f. What is my purpose according to my patients, clients, or customers? g. What may larger purpose eliminate the need to achieve this smaller purpose altogether? h. What is the right purpose for me to be working on? Describe how this purpose differs or does not differ from my original purpose.

Health Care Organization – Health care organization is an organization of management of patients health problems and requests with the health service model of the health care organization.
Professional Purpose of Health Care Management Industry / Organization:
The health care management industry’s purpose is to provide the health related services to their customers (patients) so that their customers are recovered or improved from their health problems and the organization generates the revenue for its stakeholders and investors.
We are trying to accomplish our purpose of supporting patients in improving their health issues and generating revenue for our stakeholders for the investments made in the health management industry.
We have established the health care processes, system, and individual activities, which are supported by the skilled and experienced team of employees, who are ready to support the customers/patients of the healthcare organization.
The purpose of these processes is to provide high quality health service to the customer which helps in health management for patients and generating revenue for stakeholders of the organization.
My purpose towards my patients, clients, customers is to help them get better from their health problems/issues. They need to be satisfied with the service we provide to them.
The larger purpose of the organization is to provide excellent health services to the people and achieve their satisfaction with generating higher revenue for the organization. This may eliminate the smaller purpose, as we need to maintain the large purpose of the organization.
My right purpose is to earn revenue for myself with helping the organization to generating their revenue and achieve the desired customer satisfaction by providing the desired health services. This does not differ from my original purpose.
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