Illustrate how a hotel, restaurant, or theater can deal with the intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability of the service it provides. Give specific examples

Intangibility- “services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before they are purchased” For a hotel we decided that this could be a number of items, such as: the room, the spa, the pool, the game room, the lobby. Overall the whole complex, because if you are booking online you do not see the physical room you are staying in until you get there.A hotel could allow you to visit a similar hotel before you get to the you are staying at and see exactly what your hotel room will be like and all the extra services it comes with.
· Inseparability- “that customers are part of the product” For a hotel definition we looked at the Brand name of the hotel/company, the option of paying with a travelers checks, and finally how hotel customers must know how to use the phone system. To explain more about the travelers checks the book talks about an example with a guest trying to use the movie system but wont work because they did not establish credit. So to fix this if a guest pays with cash for the room the front desk should ask if they would like to put down a deposit for anything they might charge, such as in-room movies.
· Variability- ” Services are highly variable. Their quality depends on who provides them and when and where they are provided.” For a hotel we decided to look at the 5W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why), room service, training, good hiring, and standardize the service performance. A way that a hotel could reduce variability is by having employees go through on-going training. This will allow employees to continue learning more about their job and be able to enhance their customer service skills.
· Perishability- ” Services cannot be stored” For a hotel example we decided on the biggest one, unsold hotel rooms. If they aren’t being used they aren’t making money! A great resource used is Using hotwire they can put there unsold rooms on there to try to get some more customers and so the rooms do not go to waste.
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